Outline of the Oze Preservation Foundation

Objectives of the foundation
  • Provides a forum for discussions between relevant parties.
  • Helps to centralize Oze’s conservation activities.
  • Provides a new model for national park management and conservation.
The nature of Oze

The nature of Oze is a precious asset that should be passed on to our ancestors and appreciated by our children. Oze has been protected due to various conservation activities and is said to be the starting point of nature conservation in Japan.
It is our responsibility to protect the nature of Oze as a national treasure for the future. We expect that the foundation will play a basic role in making efforts to ensure that humans live symbiotically with Oze’s rich natural environment. (excerpt from the Charter of the Oze Preservation Foundation)

Role of the Oze Preservation Foundation

Role of the Oze Preservation Foundation

Date of establishment, board members, staff, etc. (as of October 1, 2010)
Establishment August 3, 1995
Board members, etc. 18 directors, 2 auditors, 30 councilors
Members of the secretariat
(14 persons)
1 Secretary-general

(doubling as a Gunma prefectural officer),
3 dispatched from Gunma prefecture,
1 dispatched from Fukushima prefecture,
1 dispatched from Oze Corporation,
3 regular members, 5 contract members

Yamanohana VC 10 staff
(3 foundation secretaries, 6 operators, 1 dispatched from the prefecture)
Ozenuma VC 7 staff
(3 foundation secretaries, 4 operators)
Basic funds (across investors) (as of March 31, 2009)
Investors, etc. Amount
(thousand yen)
Gumma prefecture 500,000 32.4%
Fukushima prefecture 300,000 19.4%
Niigata prefecture 200,000 13.0%
TEPCO 300,000 19.4%
Katashina Village 15,000 1.0%
Hinoemata Village 9,000 0.6%
Uonuma City 6,000 0.4%
Minamiaizu Town 6,000 0.4%
Bureau of Public Utilities, Gumma prefecture 15,000 1.0%
Oze Corporation 10,000 0.6%
From contributions, etc. 182,243 11.8%
Total 1,543,243 100.00%